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Pinnacles Modifies Fire Restrictions - Trails and Road to Bear Gulch Re-open


Release Date: 10/09/2020
Contact: Blanca Alvarez Stransky

Pinnacles Modifies Fire Restrictions - Trails and Road to Bear Gulch Re-open

Most trails and climbing routes in Pinnacles National Park and the Pinnacles Parkway to Bear Gulch will re-open today. Since predicted fire danger remains high all other fire restrictions remain in place. These restrictions include:

  • All campfires or cooking fires (including charcoal fires) within the park are prohibited.
  • Use of charcoal grills, either park provided or personally owned, are also prohibited.
  • Smoking is only allowed within enclosed vehicles or within buildings where smoking is allowed.
  • Use of propane or gas stoves for cooking purposes is restricted to designated campsites.
  • Driving or parking vehicles off road and/or on vegetation is prohibited.

"Thanks to improved conditions as a result of lower day time temperatures, increased humidity at night due to shorter days, and the slow return of wildland fire resources to the area, most trails have been re-opened. However, National Park Service wildland fire management experts remain on alert because fire activity levels in California remain at a planning level 4 out of 5," said Superintendent Blanca Alvarez Stransky.

"Unfortunately, Pinnacles is not out of the woods yet because the predicted fire danger will fluctuate between high and very high until December. Since the last major fire was over 15 years ago, the park has a very high fuel load and with the increasing dry conditions, we are overdue for a large wildland fire event. Thankfully, the other conditions have improved, and we are able to open park trails," added Stransky.

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