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Final 2015 PCAD Logistics · FOP Awarded Rebolting Grant · 2015 Pinnacles Climber Appreciation Day! · Seniors, Get a FREE Lifetime National Park Pass · Every Kid in a Park

Final 2015 PCAD Logistics (10/21/2015)

Advanced Registration for this years PCAD is now closed. If you are not already on the "wait list" call Mountain Tools right away (800-510-2514).

PCAD organizers have registered 25 Volunteers field workers for Friday and 38 for Saturday with about 25 staying to climb on Sunday.

Here is a breakdown of the event plan:


Where: Chalone Creek Picnic Area
When: Fri and Sat 8:00-8:45 am

Sponsored by the AAC - Sierra Nevada Section, Leader Kristin Nute. Drive past the Visitor Center, thru the Entrance Station (explain where you are headed), past Peaks View and bear right just before the bridge over Chalone Creek (follow the signs). Team Briefing at 8:45. Late comers can Check In at CCPA until 11 am or at the Trailhead / Upper Bear Gulch Parking after.

Please print, fill out and bring the forms below. These are all required for your participation. When you turn in the completed forms you will receive your Pinnacles Visitor Pass, Parking & Camping assignment, Complementary Raffle Ticket and official PCAD Climber Volunteer T-Shirt.


By special arrangement, this year we will be setting our camp under the Oaks at the Chalone Creek Picnic Area - just past employee housing and adjacent to the Trails Shop. The CCPA is conveniently located close to tools & materials and will be our meeting and departure point each morning.

If you are planning on arriving late Thursday nite, pick a spot or park if self-contained (and be prepared to relocate in the morning). BTW if you're any good at horseshoes bring your best game!


Social Hour is 4:30-5:30 with BBQ following. Bring your chair, utensils, mug and plate - and fill em up! We will have burgers, beans, tater salad, chips, dips plus beer & soda. Following the BBQ - we have the best assortment of Raffle and Auction items to date. Raffle and Auction Items will be displayed at Check In and during the Social Hour. Climbing Industry businesses donate products in support of the PCAD and as reward for your hard work. You do however, have to play to win!

Additional Raffle Tickets may be purchased in advance by calling Mountain Tools (800-510-2514) or using their Online Order Form. Your participation and donation helps us put on the event and our format allows surplus monies to be donated to the Access Fund.


If your so inclined (vertically that is) - Bring Your Own Gear and Partner and head to the crags. You will be on your own (no instruction or gear provided) but there will be plenty of helpful friends to ask directions and about routes and ratings. If you are new to outdoor rock climbing, seek top rope or well protected routes that are several grades easier than what you lead indoors... and knot the ends of your rope! Get in the habit of testing your holds too.


    This year we have a "plum" project that has long been begging for attention: The Upper Crust access & descent paths and staging areas. Last year we blocked braided social trails (leading from the Reservoir), aligned the lower path with a downed tree trunk (great mechanical advantage pulley system use), trimmed brush back along the path and built some "trial" steps in the upper chimney. All the while, we recognized much more needed to be done to conserve and protect this popular crag and surrounding area.

    Our efforts this year will be to curb erosion along the preferred path and hopefully be able to re-establish a descent path from the upper rock. Sound simple - right? There are steps needed in the section between the upper and lower chimneys (AKA the staircase), check steps and retaining above (where the trial climbs and turns right to the summit of the upper rock and possibly some fine tuning of preferred staging areas (to concentrate use and reduce impacts in adjoining areas)... plus a tune up of previous work up to the lower chimney area. This project will be material intensive (logs for steps and retaining, rocks for back filling steps, rebar for pinning logs, etc). As a 'warm up' be prepared to "shoulder a load" to the Upper Crust area. The tools will be familiar to most (we'll introduce them to the rest of y'all): Pulaski, McLeod, Sledge Hammer, Crosscut Saw, Shovel, Pick Mattock, Rock Bars and Rock Bags. This will be a "master" project and one you will be proud to be part of!
    Part of our ethic as climbers is to Pack It In and Pack It Out... we will help others who can learn from us. The areas we will concentrate on are:

    - High Peaks Circuit - 2-4 walk the trails and climbers approach paths (take your guide book & locate routes).
    - Reservoir - team of 2-4 walk the trails along the banks. Extend your search away from the reservoir along the way via social trails and clearings.
    - Chalone Creek Picnic Area to Balconies - stretch your legs while searching for trash along this popular East - West connector. This is an easy, scenic walk - right from our Base Camp.
    - Tools: Big Trash bags, roomy pack, trash pluckers, leather and nitrile gloves
    Lower Caves (4pp) - Friday: Caleb Rightmyer, NPS Gavin Emmons & Alacia Welch plus one more Volunteer.
    Monolith 360 (4pp): approach from Rocket to Cataract and beyond; drainage adjacent to stairs below dam + Backdoor to the Monolith - rap in, pick up trash from rim trail. If interested in leading this and you have the requisite skills - let us know.
    Tunnel Trail - Hike to the High Peaks and rap into the gorge adjacent to the Tunnel. This could be coordinated with High Peaks Sweep Team. Coordinate with Team Leader Bruce Hildenbrand if you have the skills, equipment & experience to do this work safely.
    Tools: Technical descending / ascending gear, helmet, big trash bags, (haul bag?) trash grabbers, leather and nitrile gloves.


  1. PIPSQUEAK - (4pp) This for the Carabiner sign (with Conservation plaque) at Pipsqueak. You might want to mark position beforehand. I would send 4 volunteers; 2 to install the post base and post and 2 to "tune up" the brushing, blocking and path clearing.
    Tools: 1 Pulaski, 1 McLeod, 1 loppers, drill, bits, bolts, hammer, chisels for leveling post base site.
  2. CCC ROAD (2-4pp)- fine tune brush work started LY; check & improve delineation of "cross over" path (from CCC to drainage) Tools: 2 loppers, 1 ea Mcleod, Pulaski
  3. DISCOVERY WALL (2pp) - inspect previous work, check fence & add plaque. Note: base of Swallow Crack area needs detailed plan
  4. TOURIST TRAP - (4pp) extend trail, log check steps, add plaque
  5. TEACHING ROCK - check fence and add plaque - Team for #1 could do this. Note: Base of TR is a future "big" project.


To be safe and comfortable we encourage you to wear durable clothing: jeans or canvas pants, a long sleeve shirt and sturdy shoes or boots. The rest of your personal kit should include: crag pack, helmet, safety / sunglasses, sun block, sun hat / bandana, leather work gloves (we'll have some to loan), headlamp, plenty of water (2 qts min), lunch for each day. For camping - bring your tent, pad and bag (group camp space provided), camp chair; food and cook kit for Fri night and breakfasts, hearty lunches... and utensils and plate for BBQ.


The 10 day forecast is for sunny / partially cloudy / partially cloudy with temps 79-82 degrees! Awesome! If for any reason your plans change and you are unable to volunteer, please let us know ASAP - so we can make your spot available to those eager volunteers on our Wait List. We will be available by phone thru Weds evening if you have any questions.

FOP Awarded Rebolting Grant From Access Fund (10/16/2015)

It's not often that we post news about ourselves, but FOP recently became newsworthy when we were awarded a cash grant from the Access Fund. We are excited and honored by the grant, though the exact amount is not known at this time. The funds are mandated to be used to purchase rebolting equipment (bolts, hangers, drill bits, etc.) in support of rebolting activities.

This looks like an ongoing program for the Access Fund, but this is the first year for the rebolting-specific grants. The application process was rigorous and required (among other things) a complete list of our rebolting activities to date. You can see the rebolting list on our site in the Climbing section.

There is more information on the grant process on the Access Fund site. The official announcement by the Access Fund is here and Rock & Ice posted a nice feature.

2015 Pinnacles Climber Appreciation Day! (10/2/2015)

The 3rd Annual PCAD (and party)

It's that time of year again and the Park is asking for your help again. The good news is that you get a party, food, prizes and more for your help.

Advance Registration open now! Volunteer today to help restore and improve climber access paths and staging areas at one of your favorite Pinnacles crags.

Click here to Register NOW!

(if the link above does not work for you go Mountain Tools and follow the instructions)

Join the Mountain Tools, the Access Fund & The American Alpine Club and Friends of Pinnacles in support of the Pinnacles Trail Crew at our newest National Park. You are guaranteed to learn new skills, make new friends and have loads of fun!

Additionally plan on Sat evening Social & BBQ w/ Gear Raffle & Silent Auction. Advanced reservations held open until Monday Oct 12th. We appreciate your 2-3 day commitment to make the best use of time & materials. Space limited to first 100 volunteers - so hurry!

FREE Park admission, FREE group camping, FREE BBQ & Entertainment w/ AWESOME Gear Raffle & Auction, FREE commemorative T-Shirt & FREE climbing on Sunday.

Pass this along to all your climbing partners & friends! Join us for some fun!

Go here for more information.

Seniors, Get a FREE Lifetime National Park Pass (9/28/2015)

Humana Senior Skip Day - Seniors are invited to come to Pinnacles National Park or any National Park Site on October 8th 2015 for a free pass that entitles them to lifetime entrance into the park.

Paicines, Ca. - On October 8th all seniors 62 and older are invited to visit any National Park Service site that sells interagency passes, including Pinnacle National Park. Humana, one of the proud National Park Service Centennial sponsors, and the National Park Service have teamed up to offer a "Senior Skip Day" on October 8, 2015. As a sponsor, Humana wants to invite all seniors to visit a National Park.

Humana will be purchasing the Interagency Senior Passes that are issued by NPS sites to visitors with vouchers on October 8, 2015. The NPS has been working with Humana to develop a voucher that seniors can print at home and exchange for an Interagency Senior Pass at NPS sites that currently issue the interagency passes. The voucher will be used in lieu of the $10 fee normally collected for a Senior Pass. Seniors must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and 62 years of age or older.

For more information, check out the website and print your voucher at home. Then bring your voucher to the park and redeem it for a Senior pass good for free entrance to participating National Park Service sites for life.

Every Kid in a Park (9/10/2015)

As children across the country go back to school, President Obama launched a historic initiative with an ambitious goal: To bring every fourth grader in America to one of our nation's national parks or other federal public lands and waters. It is not an understatement to say that the Every Kid in a Park program could have a formative influence on the second century of the National Park Service; in twenty years, our core visitors may be sharing their defining park moments that happened during their fourth grade years.

The immediate goal is to provide an opportunity for each and every 4th grade student across the country to experience their public lands and waters in person throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

As of September 1st you will have access to your own Every Kid in a Park pass. This pass will give you free access to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more!

Effective September 1st, all 4th graders are eligible for a free annual pass that is valid until August 31st, 2016.
The 4th grader must go to the website and download the information and a voucher and complete activities.
Once these activities are completed they can come to the park and exchange the voucher for an Annual Pass.

The Every Kid in a Park pass is available starting September 1st, 2015 and will be good for the 2015-2016 school years until August 31, 2016.

Every Kid in a Park joins the Foundation's Open Outdoors for Kids program in helping children learn history, culture, and science while exploring the great outdoors. The initiative is an administration-wide effort among the National Park Service, Forest Service, Department of Education, Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Release Date: 02/2/2015
Contact: Jan, Lemons Chief Ranger, Pinnacles National Park
Phone: (831) 389-4486 at ext. 237

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This is where we post the details for upcoming Friends Of Pinnacles sponsored events and activities. Please check back often to see if there is anything new in which you may want to participate.

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The Park Service organizes activities and events throughout the year. For details see the Events Calendar for Pinnacles National Monument or call: (831) 389-4485 ext. 0, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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